Magnetic Separation Products

In 1981 MPI began with a focused effort to improve the performance of permanent
magnetic separators. This resulted into a new standard of performance for this type of
magnetic equipment by the mid 1980’s.
Today, easy cleaning manually operated and self cleaning automatic permanent
magnetic separators are common place in the magnet industry worldwide. MPI is
proud to have been the leader in this advancement of technology and takes pride in
setting the industry standard in permanent magnet separator equipment design and
  • Eddy Current Cross Belt Separators
  • Permanent Magnet Cross Belt
  • Magnetic Plates, Grates, and Tubes
  • Magnetic Head Pulleys
  • Self-Cleaning Drawer Magnets
  • Continuous Flow Self-Cleaning
    Drawer Magnets

  • Chutes
  • Humps
  • Free Flow Cylinders
  • Round Spout
  • Pneumatic Inline
  • Liquid Traps
Metal Separation and Metal Dectection Products
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Electronic Inspection Products

MPI Metal Detection Systems, by Cassel, specialize in quality control of consumer
goods and food products. Providing safe and reliable protection from undiscovered
metal contaminates. MPI strives to supply quality and high performance systems at a
reasonable price.
  • Gravity Dropped
  • Belt Conveyor
  • Pneumatic Line

  • Flat Plate
  • Meat/Liquid
  • Combi