Magnetic Products, Inc.  

In 1981 MPI began with a focused effort to improve the performance of permanent
magnetic separators. This resulted into a new standard of performance for this type of
magnetic equipment by the mid 1980’s.
Today, easy cleaning manually operated and self cleaning automatic permanent
magnetic separators are common place in the magnet industry worldwide. MPI is
proud to have been the leader in this advancement of technology and takes pride in
setting the industry standard in permanent magnet separator equipment design and
Regal Packaging Services, Inc.

With over nineteen years of metal detection experience, Regal Packaging offers a unique,
knowledge based service to customers interested in contaminant detection or quality
inspection systems.
Regal proudly represents the finest companies in product inspection services and
contaminant detection equipment.
Accu-Ray Inspection Services

related industries who may be experiencing a "Quality Hold Situation."  This service provides
Accu-ray Inspection Services offers a unique service to the Food, Pharmaceutical and other
alternatives and options for the disposition of products due to defects or contamination.
Utilizing state of the art x-ray inspection equipment, Accu-ray has become an invaluable
Accu-ray Inspection Services offers a unique service to the Food, Pharmaceutical and other
resource to Quality Control professionals of some of the largest food processing companies
in the country.  Accu-ray is expertly familiar with the industry and its requirements  Each
project incorporates extensive quality control procedures and product tracking
  • Eddy Current Cross Belt Separators
  • Permanent Magnet Cross Belt
  • Magnetic Plates, Grates, and Tubes
  • Magnetic Head Pulleys
  • Hammermill Rotary Feeders
  • Drawer Magnets
  • Self-Cleaning Drawer Magnets
  • Continuous Flow Self-Cleaning Drawer
  • Chutes
  • Humps
  • Free Flow Cylinders
  • Round Spout
  • Pneumatic Inline
  • Liquid Traps

  • X-ray Inspection
  • X-ray Inspection System Rental
  • Automatic Linear Scanning X-ray
  • Image Intensifier X-ray
Metal Separation and Metal Dectection Products
  • Metal Detector Sales
  • Metal Detector Rental
  • Metal Detector Inspection
  • USDA Approved Facility and
  • Calibration and Test Rods
  • Contaminate Detection System Audits

  • Consultation
  • Contract Packaging
  • Warehousing
  • Reporting & Record Keeping
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