Harvard Factory Automation, Inc.

Founded in 1995, Harvard Factory Automation is committed to providing unbeatable
service, innovative engineering support and prompt delivery of superior products to
the plastics industry. Our staff has over 50 years of manufacturing and engineering

HFA's state of the art design and manufacturing facility in Harvard, Illinois, is well
equipped and flexible enough to guarantee on-time delivery of custom equipment as
well as our standard products.
Magnetic Products, Inc  and  Eclipse Magnetics, UK
MPI is a worldwide provider of material handling solutions including industrial
magnetic separation and magnetic & non-magnetic material handling equipment. The
cornerstone of MPI's creation was to advance the current technology of permanent
industrial magnets used to provide a basic understanding of selecting and
maintaining magnetic equipment to meet user expectations.
Pacesetter Systems, Inc
Pacesetter systems is a California based, privately held, Corporation doing business
internationally. Pacesetter is dedicated to the metal stamping industry.
Our products are 100% American made and manufactured by Pacesetter Systems in
Valencia, California. The quality begins with our superior design for safety and
performance, continues through our modern manufacturing facilities and leaves the
factory with a full 4 year warranty (longest in the industry).
Coil Handling Systems, Inc

Since 1966, CHS Automation has been aiding the metal forming industry by
providing a productive edge in their press room operations. Whether it's a simple
feed system or a highly automated coil handling line, CHS Automation can design,
manufacture, and assemble a system integrated to meet your requirements. CHS
Automation can also supply component machines for your existing press feed
Farris Automated Systems, LLC

Farris Automated Systems specializes in the design, assembly, and implementation
of custom production equipment. If your plant requires custom automation, or
upgrading current equipment, Farris Automated Systems can provide solutions for
In addition to automated systems, Farris also has full a service machine shop for
prototype and short run production.
We have the capability to design and install equipment throughout the United States,
Canada, and Mexico.
Cieco Industrial Control, Inc
Since 1989, CIECO has manufactured controls for the metal stamping, powder metal
and automation industries and has earned a reputation for excellence and versatility
as a press control manufacturer.
Our continued growth since inception has shown commitment to the industries we
serve, and the employees on whom we rely to make it all happen. We pride ourselves
for delivering to our customers every time in a way that meets or exceeds their
expectations. Our objective is to increase and improve our products using the latest
technology available to provide practical control solutions that will satisfy our
customers' needs now and in the future.
Savage Engineering, Inc.

Savage hydraulic presses have been known for over 35 years throughout industry
for their rugged construction and durability. Each press is built with pride by our team
of experienced
Accra Wire Controls, Inc.

For more than 20 years, AWC has been designing and manufacturing equipment for
the changing needs of industry.  From humble beginnings, AWC now designs and
manufactures the largest variety of dereelers (payoffs) for spring wire, wire forming,
weld wire, coiled steel, coiled tubing, and much more.  
Bennett Tool & Die

Press setups have traditionally used makeshift coil supports to prevent coil stock
sagging and buckling between the press feeder and die entry. Improvised coil supports
such as a pallet, a bucket, or some other internally fabricated support are typically used
to address this problem. These traditional solutions can be expensive to build, setup,
and too often are difficult to store then locate on the shop floor when needed for repeat
runs. Material feeding is less than desirable and a potential for scratching the coil

Bennett Tool & Die Company, Inc in Nashville, TN has solved this longstanding
coil-feeding problem thanks to an innovative product, the CoilBridge Conveyor.
  • Beltless Magnetic Conveyors
  • Magnetic Belted Conveyors
  • Steel Hinge Conveyors
  • Pick and Place Magnets
  • Lift Magnets
  • Electric Scrap Shakers
  • Coolant Cleaners
  • Filtration Magnets
  • Sheet Separators
  • Conveyors
  • Box-Fill Systems
  • Separators
  • Diverters
  • Part Conditioners
  • Modular Work Stations
  • Machine Guarding Systems
  • Die Transfer Table Tops
  • Transfer Rollers
  • Bolster Extensions
  • Air Glide Die Lifters
  • Hydra Glide Die Lifters
  • Gorilla Grip Hydraulic Clamps
  • Cylinder Clamps
  • Ledge Clamps
  • Mechanical Clamps
  • Power Pallet Die System
  • Servo Roll Feeds
  • Material Straightners
  • Coil Reels
  • Coil Cars
  • Space Saving Combinations
  • Pre-Owned Systems
  • Contract Engineering And
  • Turn Key Automated Systems
  • Prototyping
  • Rebuilding/Upgrading Existing
  • Press Controls For Stamping,
    Forge, Powder Metal, Brakes
  • Die Protection
  • Tonnage Monitoring
  • Press Room Safety Equipment
  • Pallet Decoilers
  • Bin Destackers
  • Batch And Lot Control
  • Wire Dereelers
  • Part Sorting Chutes
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